Secretary-Naresh Kumar Solanki

All knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind, the infinite library of universe is in your own mind, no knowledge comes from outside, it is all inside and it is a matter of great satisfaction for our trainee teacher to harness the same to the optimum. Teaching is a very nobel profession and the basic qualities of integrity, sincerity, patriotism, honesty and hard work are inculcated by them amongst the pupils. We must keep in mind that without the personal life of a teacher there would be no education. The idea of the sacrifice shall have to be developed for the common weal. Our teachers should also imbibe the qualities of conviction of the powers of goodness, absence of jealousy and suspicion and helping all who are trying to be and doing good.

In this present era of science and technology man, at a brisk pace, is exploring new heights of cosmos; shakes had with new galaxies and brigs the hidden treasurers of deeps out. Indeed, all this became possible only through education. Infact, education bright an all-round development of a child and enables him to adjust in the society to perfection.

I wish the principal, staff and students a great success in their career and prosperity in their future life.

Naresh Kumar Solanki


Governing Body